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Its dedicated drivers know Chevrolet by the nickname "Chevy." However, the automaker's storied history is anything but a shorthand. It begins in 1911 with a Swiss race car driver, Louis Chevrolet, and a then-former General Motors founder, William C. Durant and takes off in 1912 with the Series C Classic Six four-door. By 1914, the recognizable bowtie logo would become an icon, and an automotive industry giant was born.

Now, for more than a century, Chevrolet has been a world-renowned producer of popular, highly recognizable, and, best of all, affordable vehicles, from efficient subcompact cars like Spark and legendary sports cars like Corvette to heavy-duty trucks like Silverado. In between, you can expect to find everything from sedans such as the mid-size Malibu to hybrids like Volt and even electric vehicles like Bolt EV.

So, is Chevrolet a good car to buy? JD Power thinks so: the brand ranks highly in its studies. Drivers like you think so, too: Chevy has some of the best-selling pickups, EVs, and SUVs around. Most importantly, you think so, and the brand's commitment to quality, technological innovation, and remaining at the forefront of safety advancements has surely proven your opinion fact.

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