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Between 1908 and 1911, entrepreneur and General Motors founder William C. Durant consolidated two competitors under the GM brand: Rapid Motor Vehicle Company and commercial vehicle-maker Reliance Motor Car Company. The incorporation of both firms would enable GM to form the General Motors Truck Company, and, by 1912, the name had been shortened to the highly recognizable GMC acronym. More than a simple General Motors division, an auto industry icon would be born.

GMC would go on to produce vehicles galore over the years, from fire trucks and ambulances to military vehicles, motorhomes, and even transit buses. The GM brand would even earn a Distinguished Service Award from the US government for its truck provisions during World War I. Today, as a luxury sibling of Buick and Chevrolet, it manufactures some of the most upscale vehicles for sale, from trucks and vans to crossovers, with legendary names like Sierra, Savana, and Acadia. 2002 would mark the marque's centennial, and the rest is automotive history.

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